Raw materials

 The quality of the raw material is a very important issue. The raw material is coming mainly from the three cooperatives which consist of ALMME:

 During the growing and cultivation of the raw materials (peaches) ,there is a full application of AGRO 2.1 & AGRO 2.2 which is also known as INTEGRATED CROP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (I.C.M).

 An independent file for every grower exists, in which all his cultivation methods are registered (use of fertilizers ,pesticides and others).  The total growing procedure of the raw materials is controled in each stage by the agronomists of ALMME with the cooperation of the chemical analysis laboratory which is owned by ALMME and is supporting the INTEGRATED CROP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (I.C.M).

    The team of the agronomists of ALMME is responsible for :

    ImageThe quality assurance of the raw materials

    ImageThe support of the system control for the various applications during growing (use of pesticides,fertilizers and others)

    ImageThe application of the INTEGRATED CROP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

     With the cooperations that ALMME has with various organizations, the relative staff is always very well informed for the new methods that have to be applied in the quality contol of the raw materials.

     With all above , we are sure that our final products are coming from raw materials which are fully quality controlled and healthy