Collaboration - Participation

Participation in professional bodies:
    Image Greek canners association

    Image National inter - professional organization of industrial peaches and pears

    Image Panhellenic confederation union of agricultural cooperatives

Cooperation with :
    Image School of agriculture of Thessaloniki (University of Thessaloniki)

    Image School of agriculture of Athens (University of Athens)

    Image National Agricultural Research Foundation (N.AG.RE.F.)

    Image Agricultural administration of Imathia area Greece

    Image Regional Centre of Quality Control Plants , Thessaloniki

    Image Novacert L.T.D

    Image Agrocert

    Image TUV HELLAS

    Image C.M.I


    Image Participation in E.U programs for Innovation Approaches to Human Resource Management and Technical Equipment (EQUAL, BASE, IFQL)

 In the perimeter of the factory there is a farm owned by ALMME , where we cultivate organic peaches , certified by PHYSIOLOGIKI L.T.D , according to EU standards for organic cultivation. This farm is also used for experimental various applications with the cooperation of the SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE OF THESSALONIKI (UNIVERSITY OF THESSALONIKI)