Integrated Crop Management

  In ALMME ,we are applying the INTEGRATED CROP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (I.C.M.) and we are the biggest company in Greece , that has been certified for the I.C.M. for 2.700 hectares of peaches. We are also making the quality control with our own agronomists.

  All data related with the I.C.M. ,are filed in a special software,which was developed by the Computer Manager Stergiou Christ of ALMME. We are able to read all reports about our farmers and plantations in satelite maps which are coming from the satelite "quick bird" through the G.I.S technology.
As a result we can improve:

    Image The quality of the raw materials

    Image The use of the fertilizers,pesticides and others

    Image The protection of the enviroment

    Image Our product range , to cover our customers demands

    Image We are able to have Full traceability

  In addition a network of 4 meteorological stations gives the possibility to our agronomists to ensure the rational use of fertilizers and pesticides. A modern and fully equipped chemical analysis laboratory owned by ALMME is supporting the whole system and we are able to give advices to our farmers for a better and more appropriate fertilization.

  Finally , we have a full traceability system for all our products and also for the fresh-fuit products of our copperatives.Delivery of the raw material is made separately from every grower and there is the ability to trace every grower's name who delivered his quantities in every lot of the final product, either canned fruit or fresh fruit.Having the grower's name , we can easily have a full detailed report of all his activities (use of fertilizers ,pesticides, irrigation methods e.t.c) during the growing period.

  The cooperatives of ALMME ,are also certified by the GLOBALGAP and TESCO NATURE CHOICE.